Rogue Trader - Adventure Guild!

Clawed Fiends...Sorry

Absolute carnage aboard the Doom Prow

3 Clawed Fiends are let loose aboard The Doom Prow (by ‘Sorry’ and Polly Wannacraka though this is unknown) under Mad ‘Doc’ Harrigan’s watch. A lot of the new and minimal crew are quickly massacred. Some crew barricade the bridge and enginarium. Two Fiends are baited off ship and head into Footfall orbital station.

Polly has a brief and bloody tangle with one of the creatures before Ensign Will Smith drags the mauled kroot back inside The Crack of Noon. However, he does ascertain that wounding the beasts only enrages them further.

The faint sounds of screaming and gunfire echo from within Footfall…



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