Aoife Armengarde

Rogue Trader in Korous Expanse


Aoife Armengarde has followed in the foot steps of her mother and brought great renown to the Armengarde Dynasty. Her line is a matriarchal Dynasty where only the women rule. Her father died before Aoife was born and she spent her twenties with her Rogue Trader mother aboard the Dynasty flagship Bansidhe – a lunar class cruiser.

Aoife is most content when she is exploring the unknown and uncharted regions of the Koronus Expanse and it is for this reason that she has not expanded the moderate wealth of the Armengardes. Indeed, when there is adventure and the promise of the unknown to discover or trade deals and negotiations, Aoife will frequently opt for the former.

Beloved by her crew for her compassionate leadership and quick thinking, Aoife is a strong woman of well renown. Her current melee weapon is a unique eldar power sword taken as the spoils of war when she defeated a prominant leftenant of an eldar corsair in personal combat. The eldar pirate lord is still looking for payback for the loss of the leftenant.


Aoife Armengarde

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