Jonquin Saul

Mercantile Rogue Trader of vast wealth


Self-proclaimed Trade Admiral of the Saul Dynasty, Jonquin Saul has such a commercial acumen that he has taken his family’s fortunes from miniscule to the rival (almost) of Calligos Winterscale (in wealth – not in resources, vessels or manpower).

A manipulator of markets and free trade, Saul is also a pious man and his word is his bond. Endeavours soley revolve around mercantile pursuits with trade routes and cargo transit making up the majority of the Dynasty’s activities.

The Saul Dynasty fleet is exclusively merchant class vessels (other Rogue Traders and mercenary vessels on retainer used as escorts) with the Exchequer type being the most favoured.

The Flagship – Necessary Expenditure was a tongue in check nod by his ancestor that the last of the Dynasty’s fortunes were tied up in the purchase of the vessel. However she has served the Dynasty exceptionally well and Saul has an immense interest in collecting all of the other known Exchequer class merchant ships with only a few eluding him. Including the pride and very first being the Exchequer herself. Saul would pay handsomely to get this vessel and he has made open enquiries for its whereabouts but as yet had no luck.


Jonquin Saul

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